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About CBS

The Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) is developing a sustainable preventative healthcare model. We have focused on researching the human biofield since 1998 and validate and correlate the benefits and effects of various healing methods and devices. We use modern technological advances in holistic assessment to help establish a framework for an integrated approach to healthcare. CBS also collaborates with other institutions, along with affiliations at leading universities, organisations, companies and individuals in health sciences. We have our headquarters in Devon in the UK, In Loveland in Colorado and at our new HQ in our own building in Panaji, India.

The main focus of our research is in identifying the stages for the onset of each disease state. CBS provides information, education and training. We endorse proven natural and complementary treatment methods and devices, that are non-invasive and work in accordance with the bodies own bio-energetic healing mechanisms. CBS continue to develop a "Gladstone bag! or toolbox of energy assessment technologies to help assist the scientifically integrated holistic consultant in evaluating or triangulating an individuals health trajectory. The Health Trajectory (HT) is a method of positioning an individual health status, both now and in the future, against an average peer group norm. The individual!s HT is calculated via an interwoven complex of psychometric questionnaires in addition to energy field measures such as Biofield Viewer (BV) & Electro Scanning Method (ESM). CBS has already compiled a large Atlas of "energy maps! and data that when collated will detail the stage of onset of each disease state.  We are building this database to create an "Atlas of Diseases! (AOD) that will provide valuable information on where and what illness is likely to occur and will therefore help establish an individual!s HT. From our research, patterns of imbalance show in the biofield before affecting the physical body. Our AOD will allow an independent assessment procedure by matching an individual!s holistic health analysis to a database of known disease and pre-disease cases. With a complete map of the HEF the current established principals of medicine can be fully integrated with the erroneously named esoteric sciences (healing and energy manipulation). This will assist in crossing the chasm between all natural health prevention, remedies and treatments and the current National Health Service models & techniques.

For 18 years we conducted studies into the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield at the UNESCO World Peace Centre at MIT in Pune India much of this research can be viewed online. 








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