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Biofield Viewer (BV)

The Biofield Viewer (BV) scanning process is internationally recognized as the ultimate Biofield Viewer’. It is an effective, safe and non-invasive assessment system. Biofield Imaging System is used in many ways from medical & clinical research to biofield assessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights the areas of well-being and disease with clear patterns and colours. BV is equipped with different filters for varying environments. The energy field, or aura, is a highly complex multilayered lattice of radiations and emissions of visible and invisible light. It radiates well beyond the skin and the limited range of our visible spectrum. We believe that one of the most interesting feature of the BV is its ability to highlight potential and developing issues within the energetic field, before they manifest and cause disease to the body.


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What does it show?

Internationally accepted and acclaimed, Biofield Viewer shows the biofield, aura, chakra, and meridian systems in clear colours and patterns. It reveals the interference and transference of light patterns, at and above, the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. It is easy to determine where stress exists and where potential issues could develop. It can also indicate healthy and pain free areas. A trained practitioner can make an accurate biofield assessment that can lead to much clearer understanding of a client's health on all levels - physical, emotional and psychological. Areas of well-being are indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colours. While dis-eased and stressed areas show as distorted, darker and congested pools of low energy colours. When used correctly, it can reveal both the symptoms and root disharmonies of a disease. BV also demonstrates different healing methods and by taking images before, during and after treatment a practitioner can see the results of their work.

How does it work?

 The Biofield Viewer (BV) is easy to learn and simple to use. It helps if you have a little computer experience and able to operate a video camera. The process uses a software programme with a video feed and takes scan of energetic and light interference at and above our visual range. An image is displayed 'live' on a monitor where signals from the camera are graded into clearly visible colours. This gradation represents a much finer value of light intensity than the image entering the camera and therefore spectrums can be distinguished that would otherwise be impossible to see.

BV identifies energy movements, transfer and blockages in a real time moving image.  It has the potential for healing & treatment validation of any modality. Biofield Imaging System requires bare skin to be exposed to a full spectrum controlled lighting environment. The absorption and reflection intensities of light off the skin are color coded and then analyzed. The BV is most useful when analyzing the body itself for congestion that appear on the surface above the specific organ or part of the body being investigated. Typically it is understood that the body will absorb more or less light (i.e. reflect less) where it has health issues, in comparison to the rest of the participant’s body. The BV was used in this experiment to monitor areas of congestion and to see improvements in the biofield after the treatment had taken place.

Who can use Biofield Viewer

Vastu Consultants

Reiki Experts

Meditation teachers

Medical Practitioners

Feng Shui Consultants

Behavior trainers


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The Biofield Viewer™ has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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